Playseat Gear Shifter Holder Pro

Playseat Gear Shifter Holder Pro

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Playseat Gear Shifter Holder Pro

The Playseat® GearShiftHolder PRO is compatible with all gear shifters on the market, highly adjustable and usable both right and left of the chair. The accessory is compatible with the following racing seats: Playseat® Evolution, Playseat® Revolution, Playseat® Project CARS, Playseat® Gran Turismo, Playseat® Forza Motorsport, Playseat® WRC, Playseat® Forza 4, Playseat® Air Force, Playseat® Champion and Playseat® SV.

Shift to a higher gear with the Playseat® GearShiftHolder PRO and leave your opponents far behind!

  • Product dimensions (LxWxH): 49x15,5x16 cm / 19.29x6.1x6,3 inches

Playseat® GearShiftHolder PRO