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    Playstation VR

    Warranty: 1 Week


    -VR Headset

    -VR Headset connection cable

    -Processor Unit

    -Stereo Headphones (with earpieces)

    -HDMI Cable

    -USB Cable

    -AC Adaptor

    -AC Power Cord

    -VR demo disc

    -Lens Cleaning Cloth

    -Printed Materials

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    PS4 Camera CUH-ZEY1

    PlayStationCamera delivers crystal clear, high quality video and audio for easily communicating with friends and competitors alike. See, be seen, share, cheer, and even gloat like they’re sitting right there next to you. With the PlayStationCamera, you can challenge the world, even from a world away.

    Note: This can be used as VR Camera.

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    PS4 Farpoint VR with Aim Controller Bundle

    Aim Controller Features:

    • Precise and intuitive aiming for compatible PlayStation®VR shooter games
    • Advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology
    • Ergonomic two-handed control
    • Easily-accessible DUALSHOCK®4 controls
    • Immersive vibration feedback
    • Rechargeable battery