NDS Touch Golf Birdie Challenge

NDS Touch Golf Birdie Challenge

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Nintendo Touch Golf Birdie Challenge has Pictochat built in. During wireless games, you can draw pictures using your stylus and dispatch them to appear on your opponent's top screen, which is otherwise used to offer a 3d picture of the game in progress. A well-timed penis can arrive just in time to obscure your opponent's view of the ball rolling into or indeed, as was the case here, past the hole.

This is worth noting for two reasons.

1) It demonstrates just how easily the thing can be integrated into multiplayer games, something we've wondered about ever since the Nintendo DS came out.

2) we happen to be writing about it just days after bemoaning the lack of inter-player communication in Mario Kart DS. Touch Golf, alas, doesn't go online. You can still have lots of fun with Pictochat offline of course, but some of the above certainly does grate.