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Genre: Shooter
Language: English

  • A truly massive scale of enemies, and a rewards system in which players will receive rewards for assisting teammates and contributing to the team's success against them.
  • An unbelievable variety of Vital Suits and new ways to use them. The new VS system will have a powerful impact on the way the player takes to the war zone in Lost Planet 2.
  • 4-player co-op and split-screen co-op locally allowing you to team up to battle the giant Akrid. Teamwork is the player's key to victory as team members are dependent on each other to succeed and survive.
  • RPG elements added to the game include character customization, experience points, evolution of the game based on players decisions and actions (single player).
  • Beautiful, massive environments brought to life by Capcom's advanced graphics engine, MT Framework 2.0, which reflects the next step in 3D game fidelity and performance.