PS4 Air Conflicts Double Pack (R-ALL)

PS4 Air Conflicts Double Pack (R-ALL)

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Genre: Action
Language: English 
  • Experience a thrilling wartime narrative: Epic campaigns filled with heroic moments and the harrowing effects of war. Your performances in air combat and support missions will drive the story through the key of these famous conflicts.
  • Jump into the cockpit: Pilot and customise a wide range of military aircraft.
  • Exclusive PS4™ features: including a bonus campaign and Carrier Battle multiplayer mode in Air Conflicts: Vietnam, along with bonus aircraft and head tracking with the PlayStation® Camera in Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers.
  • Online multiplayer: Put your flying abilities to the test in four different online multiplayer modes, including aerial and aircraft carrier battles.
  • Command an entire squadron: Switch between different types of aircraft in real time, taking advantage of their strengths to lead your unit to victory.
  • Famous battles: Take part in historic missions located across real-life battlefields.