PS4 ATV Renegades (R-ALL)
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PS4 ATV Renegades (R-ALL)

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Genre: Racing
Language: English
Region: RAll
  • 24 Unique Off-Road Courses
  • Game Modes include World Tour, Quick Race, Time Trial, and Elimination.
  • Each mode can be completed in both in Single Player and Local Multiplayer matches.
  • Single Player World Tour - features 6 tours, with 4 separate events. Travel the world visiting tracks in the USA, Thailand, England, Russia, Canada, and Mexico
  • Quick Race - for players to practice or have quick fun
  • Time Trial – Race any event and set best times
  • Perform different tricks in mid air for style points to fill up your boost meter
  • 2-player split-screen multiplayer for head-to-head races