PS4 Just Cause 3 (R2)

PS4 Just Cause 3 (R2)

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Genre: Action, Adventure
Language: English
  • The famous Rico's grapple hook -  By grappling to any surface at any time, Rico can fast-travel through the map, hijack moving vehicles, or to give himself a speed boost when using parachute or wingsuit
  • The wingsuit - In a matter of seconds, Rico can bullet through the sky and ambush DiRavello's militia forces from above. Upgrading the wingsuit grants Rico additional abilities such as sling shooting while flying, triggering wingsuit while reeling in, or cancelling it in mid-air and landing, making Rico unstoppable.
  • The Parachute - The parachute is an essential part of Rico's arsenal. Besides being a handy means of transportation, the parachute helps Rico strike his enemies with great precision, using one or two handed weapons, while making him harder to target.
  • The Guns - With the mounted universal “gun rack”, Rico can carry up to 3 weapons of your choice. Rico can tap into his firepower at any time whether he is free falling, wing walking, stunting or in a parachute. With an unlimited access to C4 and grenades, Rico is a force to be reckoned with.