PS3 Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Limited Edition
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PS3 Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Limited Edition

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Genre: Action Adventure
Language: English

  • A New Shooter Experience - With unmatched levels of realism and intensity, Kane & Lynch 2 delivers a grittier and more relentless experience than any other product in the genre
  • Play as Lynch - This time play as psychopath Lynch, taking full advantage of the opportunities Shanghai has to offer and allowing nothing to get in his way
  • Online Co-op - Play cooperatively with a partner through the entire story mode of the game as Kane and Lynch take on the lowlife of Shanghai
  • New shooter mechanics include button-activated cover system, refined AI, Down not Dead - second chance allowing player to shoot back/crawl to cover in one-shot kill situations and Human Shields - act of desperation adding more dimension to cover system