PS4 NBA Live 19: The One Edition
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PS4 NBA Live 19: The One Edition

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Genre: Sport
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  • BE THE ONE. BUILD YOUR SQUAD. DOMINATE THE GLOBE. - Create your own player and rise to legend status in THE ONE. Using different courts across the world, Build Your Squad and challenge others for global dominance in THE LEAGUE and on THE STREETS. With new ways to develop your player and play the game, experience the most authentic feel NBA LIVE has ever had
  • BUILD YOUR SQUAD - Basketball started in the streets, and your reputation is nothing without proving it. Pick the perfect group of five and challenge others to show off your squad
  • THE ONE - In NBA LIVE 19, you’re one of a kind. With a unique skillset led by Playstyles and the all-new Icon Progression system, you can move, shoot, and score just like your favorite NBA players. The new Icon Progression system is our deepest ever, providing incredible depth and strategy options that let you showcase your unique skills on the court. It allows you to excel throughout your career by unlocking rewards and learning abilities from the all-time greats. Get ready to hoop your way into a seamless, connected world. Any way you play, everything you do counts and filters into one unified progression tracker, your THE ONE score
  • THE LEAGUE - Just like NBA stars, work your way to get drafted by an NBA team. Ball out to earn your contract, pick up sponsors, score cool gear, and train like the best to be the best. As you put up results on the court, showcase your unique highlights each and every night and tell your own personal story to the world. Don’t forget to catch your own highlights on ESPN after games, too!