Sony Memory Stick Micro M2 4GB

Sony Memory Stick Micro M2 4GB

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Fulfills your large capacity storage needs with your cellular telephone.Enables data storage of still images,moving images and music.

Product Specifications :
Memory Size :  Flash Memory: 4GB
Usable Capacity (Approx.) : 3.66GB (3,929,894,912Byte)

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature Requirements (Serial/ 4-bit parallel transfer) : -25 - +85°C (Non-condensing)
Standby Current : 1.0mA (max)
Operating Current (serial transfer) : 65mA (max)
Operating Current (4-bit parallel transfer) : 100mA (max)

Power Requirements (voltage) : 2.7V-3.6V

Maximum Read Speed : 15MB/s (read)
Minimum Write Speed (4-bit parallel transfer) : 4MB/s (32Mbps)