Nintendo Switch Detective Pikachu Return (MDE)

Nintendo Switch Detective Pikachu Return (MDE)

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Genre: Adventure
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Region: MDE

Nintendo Switch Detective Pikachu Returns 

Solve mysteries with the personality-packed Detective Pikachu! Unravel a series of mysteries across Ryme City with a tough-talking, coffee-loving Pikachu who calls himself a great detective. This Pikachu may have a self-assured attitude and talk like a middle-aged man, but he somehow manages to keep his lovable charm. Together with his partner Tim Goodman, this great detective duo cracks several cases with the help of the many Pokémon and people who live in Ryme City. Investigate Ryme City, where Pokémon and people live side by side. Search for clues in Ryme City, where Pokémon and humans coexist in harmony. With the help of many other Pokémon, Tim and his talkative Pikachu partner work together to solve a series of mysterious incidents in this cinematic adventure game.

 Solve multiple mysteries alongside a big-talking, coffee-loving Pikachu Who calls himself a great detective

Take on several cases around Ryme City With Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu. The great detective duo

Explore Ryme City A place where humans and Pokémon live in harmony