Funko Pop! Movies: Super Troopers - Foster #767

Funko Pop! Movies: Super Troopers - Foster #767

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All right meow, Broken Lizard’s crime-comedy Super Troopers has been reborn in Pop! Vinyl form! Your favourite Vermont state troopers have meow been expertly stylized, bringing to life some of the best moments from this classic comedy!

Here we've got Carl Foster, who is without question the most calm and reserved of Spurbury’s troopers, so he’ll certainly play good cop in your collection. However we also have the wacky Robbie “Rabbit” Roto, who is carrying his favourite beverage, Pure Maple Syrup, Thorny wearing his hat and glasses, Mac showing off that dad bod of his and Farva, sporting that incredible moustache.

Prepare yourself for some laughs by adding the Super Trooper Pop! Vinyls to your Funko collection right meow!