Nintendo Switch Under Night In Birth Exe: Late [Cl-R] (EU)

Nintendo Switch Under Night In Birth Exe: Late [Cl-R] (EU)

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Genre: Versus Fighting
Language: English
Region: EU

  • Present on the 2019 EVA main stage - The biggest fighting game tournament in the world!
  • deep, fast and yet accessible gameplay for spectacular anime battles
  • part of the BLAZBLUE Cross Tag battle franchise - you can now try out the full under Night roster!
  • a brand new version of the cult classic fighting game, featuring nearly 1000 balance changes and new playable character londreika!
  • combines the best of high energy anime fighters like BLAZBLUE with the deep and tactical gameplay of Street Fighter
  • under Night offers beginner-friendly tutorials, yet is still complex enough to challenge even the veterans of anime fighters
  • an epic story campaign - Immerse yourself in the epic battle between In-Births and Voids with the story-rich Chronicle mode