PS4 Monopoly Family Fun Pack (R-ALL)

PS4 Monopoly Family Fun Pack (R-ALL)

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Three Monopoly games for the price of one! Hurry up! Gather your families and friends; Monopoly Family Fun Pack is here for you! Have fun with this all-time favorite Monopoly board game in you next generation consoles.From your classical game, here comes an offer from Ubisoft that will let you choose not only one… but you will have three different versions of a newly modernized Monopoly game. Games included in the pack are Monopoly Plus, My Monopoly, and Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Plus lets you experience Monopoly game in 3D world setting whether online or locally! Play with yourselves or with friends with up to 6 players. Feel it! Personalize the classical game with My Monopoly. Players will have options to choose the icons, design their boards or even put their own pictures. Own it!

  • Play online with up to 6 players
  • Use your tablet or mobile device to experience the fun in an all new way. You can manage your properties or keep track of your money straight from your second screen
  • Access the Hasbro Game Channel from your console for even more great Hasbro games