Xbox One World Soccer 15 Winning Eleven

Xbox One World Soccer 15 Winning Eleven

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  • Xbox One
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PES 2015 returns to its roots with unbeatable gameplay that never fails to satisfy. Every pass, shot and off-the-ball run is fine-tuned to deliver an unparalleled experience for true fans

  • Lightning fast controls allow instinctive reaction to every moment of play
  • Highly developed AI now constantly adjusts to action across the whole pitch. Teammates always offer options and support, making runs, finding space or marking opponents
  • Master a complete new range of dribbling skills and use your pace, jinking runs and responsive sprints to outmanoeuvre opponents
  • Choose exactly how and when to close down, tackle, or hold up play. Successful defending is in your hands


  • The power of next-gen harnesses the FOX Engine’s awesome potential to realise previously impossible levels of accuracy. Real-time lighting naturally brings players, crowds and stadia to vivid, next-gen life.
  • PES 2015 boasts a vast number of unique animations and playing styles, meaning players not only look super realistic but play just like their real-life counterparts
  • Animations flow seamlessly from movement-to-movement, calculated in real-time in response to each unique in-match situation
  • Crowd animations have been hugely enhanced, delivering the ebb-and-flow of a match with convincing crowd effects and movements.


  • The FOX Engine allows PES 2015 to faithfully recreate the unique styles and abilities of players and their teams. Experience the challenge of playing with and against the best sides in the world.
  • Teams are set up to play as they do in real-life and star players are instantly recognisable from their unique runs and playing styles
  • While the world’s greatest players are capable of moments of incredible skill, attacking success is based on their abilities as a team player
  • Whether counter-attacking, wing-based, or defensively minded, teams will automatically adopt the game plans of their real-life counterparts.