Nintendo Switch Pikmin 4 (MDE) + Pre Order Bonus

Nintendo Switch Pikmin 4 (MDE) + Pre Order Bonus

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Region: MDE
Genre: Action / Adventure / Strategy
Release Date: 21st July 2023

Pikmin 4

 is the upcoming fourth mainline installment in the Pikmin series, planned for release on July 21st, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. The game sees the newest recruit (a customizable character whose name and appearance can be changed in a character creator) of the Rescue Corps on a mission to PNF-404 to rescue both Captain Olimar and the Rescue Corps after crash landing on the planet. Many details of the game are currently unknown, but it is known that it introduces Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin, a companion character called Oatchi, a customizable player character, and night expeditions to the series.

Having crash-landed on an unknown planet, Captain Olimar works together with some of the wildlife of the planet – Pikmin and Moss – to retrieve his broken ship's scattered ship parts. When he finds his Interstellar Radio, he sends out a distress signal in hopes of getting rescued. After the signal reaches the Rescue Corps, they depart on a rescue mission, however, they too crash land on the planet and became stranded. It is now up to their newest recruit to rescue both Olimar and the Rescue Corps.

During the mission, the recruit encounters a mysterious individual who has Olimar's facial features and space suit, but is covered in red leaves and has the stem of a Pikmin. His relationship with Olimar is unclear.